How many homes do you build?

We are a small, custom builder who has more of an emphasis on quality and customer service rather than quantity. We do not take on more than we can handle, which is achieved by capping our volume of work. This ensures a high level of quality and customer satisfaction.

Where do you build?

We design and build homes on the Mornington Peninsula and surrounding suburbs. Get in touch to find out if we build in your area.

How do you guarantee a high level of quality?

Unlike many other custom builders in Melbourne, each of our homes are overseen by our Managing Director, who is a qualified carpenter and expert builder. Matt has extensive technical knowledge and a very keen eye for detail. Each home is first signed off by Matt to ensure it meets his exacting standards, before the keys reach your hands.

Do you design and/or build dual-occupancy developments?

Yes. We design and build dual-occupancy developments.

How does the design-build process work?

  • Step 1: Concept Design
    You undertake a Design Brief with our select partners, to identify your specific needs and wants. We then prepare preliminary sketches for your review.
  • Step 2: Design Development
    Alterations are made to the preliminary sketches, based on your comments in the Concept Design stage. We then nominate finishes, before preparing 3D renders to enable you to truly visualise your future home.
  • Step 3: Construction Drawings
    Your sketches are transformed in to detailed construction drawings, engineering and other applicable documentation is obtained in preparation for your building permit, and the fit out of your home is detailed.
  • Step 4: Specifications & Contract Signing
    Specifications are finalised, colour selections are completed, your final construction price is presented, and contracts are signed.
  • Step 5: Construction
    Construction of your home commences. You will be provided with regular updates and site inspections will be completed when requested by you. Regular QA inspections are performed, and a detailed and thorough New Home Presentation process takes place, before Handover is completed.
  • Step 6: Maintenance & Warranty
    After the completion of your Defects Liability Period, we will return to your home to undertake a thorough inspection. Any defects will be rectified ASAP. After the completion of the Defects Liability Period, you are protected by your structural warranty, as well as manufacturer warranties.

Do you only build on flat blocks or can you build on sloping or narrow blocks?

We can build on most challenging sites and do not limit ourselves to flat blocks only. We have extensive knowledge and experience in designing and building custom homes to suit specific site restraints, taking advantage of its attributes and overcoming the challenges presented to us.

How long will my build take?

There are several factors that affect the length of time it will take to build (and design) a custom home. For example, a multi-level home on a sloping block will inevitably take longer than a simple, single storey home on a flat block. We use industry leading software, which results in efficient and streamlined design and build times.

How much is my home going to cost?

Until we have obtained all applicable information and documentation, it is impossible to answer this question, although we always strive to design a custom home that will meet your specific brief and falls within your budget. There are a multitude of different factors that will affect your build price, some of which include the size and complexity of the build, slope of the land, site costs and level of fixtures and fittings.

Can you use my home design/plans to build?

Yes. We are more than happy to consider building based off your custom design.

Do you only build custom homes, or do you have any pre-designed options?

We have pre-designed homes that are available for specific blocks. Please check these out on the ‘Home Designs’ tab on our website and give us a call to enquire as to whether they are suitable for your block.

Should I extend/renovate my current home, or knock down and rebuild?

There are positives and negatives with both options and the choice is ultimately yours, however you need to ensure you do your homework before making a decision. Quite often, knocking down and rebuilding can be cheaper than extending or renovating an existing home, due to things such as the unknown condition of the structure/footings, poor electrical wiring, defective plumbing etc. Dry rot or termites may also be revealed after removing the home’s cladding and flooring. Due to the unknown nature of extensions and renovations, there is more risk involved and the potential for budget and time blowouts exists. We also believe that building new means that you will get everything that you want out of your home, rather than making compromises due to the constraints of an existing structure.